Again, Dooshima is sitting on the long sofa, while her parents are on the single chairs opposite her.
Dooshima’s Mother: I’m sure you know that we do not commit abortion in our family and our faith. The man that impregnated you is dead. There is no other choice but for you to have the child. Don’t you know his people? Let them approach us.
Dooshima is silent.
Dooshima’s Mother “Dooshima I am talking to you! If that boy hadn’t ….”
Dooshima’s Father interject Mama Dooshima, please don’t say that! When I asked you to stop that boy from dating our Daughter you didn’t do anything about it. What has happened has happened! The good thing is that she will graduate before the child is born. “Child, (to Dooshima) his people need to approach us. I can’t say this thing in the village. His people must do the right thing. The child you are carrying is theirs”.
Dooshima mentally blocked her ears. She said “yes sir” from time to time until her parents were done talking about the matter.

Back on Campus, Dooshima looked lost lying on her bed. Tinu had been with her through Ado’s burial. Mr. Frank they heard, had tried to commit suicide. He had been trying to reach Dooshima to no avail. She blamed him for Ado’s death. ”So Dosh,” Said Tinu, “Ado is gone forever, you need to move on crying every day will only make you weak, and it will affect the baby:
“Why is everyone calling it a baby it’s just a fetus of how many weeks?” Dooshima quizzed.

A few months had passed since Ado’s passing and one day, Dooshima came home to find Mr. Frank in her Parent’s living room. Apparently, he didn’t come alone. He came with his family members to seek her “the flower” Her parents seemed to like Frank. Her Mother beckons to her and asks her to get refreshments for the visitors. After much ado, Frank and his people leave. The living room is full of gifts for Dooshima’s parents.
Dooshima is angry but waits till her Parents have retired for the night. Her mission is to tell Frank off and refuse his offer of marriage.

Dooshima and Frank have a very long talk most of which was done by Dooshima. She informs him that she is pregnant for late Ado. Frank says he will accept the pregnancy as his.

Back at home Dooshima’s Mother reminds her that it is rare for a man to accept the pregnancy of another man knowing it is not his. She told her Daughter that they could hurry up the traditional marriage ceremony and white wedding in good time before the baby came and that that would protect them all from shame. Dooshima finally agrees to marry Frank.

The wedding is simple and exquisite. The Minister joins Dooshima and Frank in marriage. He asks that their parents follow them to the Church office to sign the marriage certificate. Dooshima, her Chief bridesmaid, and her sister are having difficulty getting the wedding dress train to follow her. Frank stops and helps to adjust it. He looks at Dooshima and says “My Dosh, my cash” Dooshima looks at Frank in confusion. He takes her hand and puts it on his. They walk together to the Church office. Dooshima hands over the pen to Frank after she and her Father have signed. Frank takes the pen, and transfers it to his left hand to write. His Father signs after him. He turns to his Bride and says “I will love forever my Dosh, my stash, my cash, from this world and to any other. I will never leave you” Dooshima faints.

The End

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