Dear Hilda,

My supervisor is a lady. She is a matured woman and is very harsh on me. Always insulting me and making me look like a fool before my colleagues in the office. Three of us including my supervisor were sent on training to Dubai and at the last minute the third person fell ill and couldn’t go. My supervisor, Madam Toyin sat beside me in the plane and she was like a different person. She was just touching me anyhow. At the hotel she ignored me again and I didn’t send her. Sometime in midnight she knocked on my door wearing one useless short knicker that was so short with a top that didn’t cover her breast well. She was crying that she had a bad dream about her husband. She came inside my room and put her head on my chest. I have to hold her and I don’t know what happened but before I knew it we were doing sex. It was the best sex I have ever had in my life! She was very tight and made me laugh all night.

In the morning she did like she didn’t know me again. The five nights we spent there, she slept with me every day and I started liking her. We are back to work and she said I must be mad to think anything will happen again. She refuse to talk to me except for work. Every day she sends me pictures of between her legs and her naked pictures on whatsApp. What can I do, am angry with her but I love her?

David, Kaduna

 Dear David,

I understand you. You didn’t say if you are married or not. Your Mrs. Toyin is one of those women who feels the need to dominate men using sex. She is not worth the trouble. She is done with you and is enjoying watching you hunger for her. There are many nice girls who are “tight” as you say and who you may have a better future with. Rolling in the hay with a married woman is dangerous and if you are discovered, it may affect both your careers and definitely her marriage. Block her on what’s app. Move on quickly.


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