If your parents are unhappy that I keep taking their Daughter out -who by the way is 23 years old, then let me bring my people to yours. Let’s get married said Adokiye.
Get married how? Dooshima asked. How will we survive? And I keep telling you that I want to have my degree in my hands before we get married!
What do you mean, “how will we survive?” Am I not surviving now? So you think I am not man enough to look after you? Adokiye said.
That’s not what I meant. You know what I mean, stop it! Dooshima said, getting angry. She went on”You are in between jobs and about to change accommodation.. “..and in between many things” Adokiye said, finishing off her sentence.
Okay, you win again. Marry me when you want. I’m a love-struck Man waiting for you, he laughed.
Dooshima longed to be his wife. In her quiet moments, she wished he did more than paint. Art was lucrative when you got a corporate client, but how often was that? This worry gnawed at her. She always brushed the thought away telling herself that she would get him to dust his wig and gown and go back to Law practice when the time was right. She watched him writing with his left hand. He looked almost awkward writing. She playfully pulled at his nose and called him “lefty”.
Ado said Dooshima suddenly remembering something. “I’m very worried about that sociology course again. I have carried it over twice now and I don’t know why. I attend the classes. I read and understand. When the exams come, I feel I’ve answered the questions correctly, only to see an F when the results come out. I’m frustrated and now I am scared. If I fail the course again, it will drag my CGPA to 3rd class!
Wow, that’s tough. Is it the same Lecturer that’s been taking the class? Adokiye asked.
Yes, it’s the same Idiotic Man!
Hahaa haaa..who knows, maybe he fancies you and you have refused to pay him any attention…..he laughs.
I don’t think this is funny at all. I am very serious! I don’t know what to do!
Okay, let’s work through this. Are you the only one flunking the course?
No! Not only me. There are 3 of us in the entire class, she replied.
Adokiye: Maybe the lecturer needs to be sorted
Dooshima: No, I asked around he doesn’t accept money. He reported one of my classmates that tried to bribe him, to the school authorities.
Adokiye: Okay. There was one guy I went to MA class with. I think he lectured in your school then. I can’t seem to remember his name. Frank or Jeff, Omo something.
Dooshima: That’s him. That’s him! His name is Frank Omojaifo! He’s the one!
Adokiye: Okay Babes. What you need to do is to get me his phone number. I will talk to him. We weren’t close then, but we were friendly. He should remember me.
Dooshima: Please talk to the wicked man!

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