Dooshima and Adokiye walked just at the point where the sand was wet and the water kept trying its best to kiss their feet. They walked hand in hand like they usually did on weekends at the beach. They were usually the last people to leave the Beach. The lifeguard had asked them to stay away from the water many times and get tired. They never listened, they never cared. They were in their own world. It was a world of unexplainable love, desire, and friendship.
In the car, Dooshima had her hand on Adokiye’s thigh, while he drove. When she did that, he’d usually say’ My one and only, how much do you love me?”
Dooshima would go” uuhhmmmm I love you more than life itself, even beyond this world, and to the next, I will love you”.
Adokiye would say to her, “If your love will end in the next world, mine will never end, even if we are reincarnated 1 million times, I will find you!
“Ado”, as she fondly called, you bloody liar! How will you know me if we have both reincarnated?
“My Dosh, my stash, my cash”…..Dooshima burst out laughing….he would go on “.
I will know it is you…don’t you watch the movies? why do people have deja vu? Olodo girl. Forget it, it’s me and you for eternity”
Dooshima wasn’t afraid of being his for all eternity. She just knew for a fact that it wasn’t possible. She smiled nonetheless happy to be with him. What could be better than being with him, she thought.
They drove into the familiar Street in Yaba. Cars were parked on both sides of the road. Adokiye had to weave the car into the small space left which was just enough to take a small car in order to get to Dooshima’s house.
The OPC security man shined his touch into the car and said “Egbon, Na you. How family? Adokiye knew the drill. He opened his glove compartment and brought a crumpled N200 note which he put in the man’s hand.
“Wa a sere, Egbon “Go on si on, nothing do you”
Dooshima and Adokiye burst out laughing. Adokiye said “And that’s the guy in charge of the security of the entire street? They burst out laughing again.
He asked her, what he usually did when she was about to get out of the car. Baby, why can’t you move in with me?
“Ado, don’t do this now, please “She was trying to lift the knob on her side of the door herself because she knew he wouldn’t open the door for her.
Ado hated goodbyes. She did too, but she knew what she faced from her parents, each time she got home very late. She had to bribe their neighbor to leave the central entrance open for her. Ado’s response would be to drive off immediately without saying goodbye or even wait for her to get into her compound. Dooshima sighed. It would be over soon, they would get married when she was through with her program and they’d be together forever.
She didn’t want to Live- in with him, because she knew that she loved him too much and that everything outside of him would seem meaningless. She might even flunk out of her program and become a nobody and worse still if he fell out of Love with her, she would have no education or anything to fall back to. No, she thought let him wait.
She had hoped wrong. As she snuck into the parlor quietly, her shoes in hand, her father turned on the lights. “why are you coming back this late to my house again? He barked.

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