DATING RELATIONSHIP’S ( About being Single, Dating and Married)

    1.  When he won’t kiss.
    2.  How to grind correctly.
    3.  You’ve been touching him wrongly!
    4.  How to get down in minutes.
    5.  Why you should “taste the goods” before you get married.
    6.  Things you should discuss if you’re getting married to a woman who has kids
    7.  Things you should work out before remarrying
    8.  Why stolen sex can be sweet!
    9.  Why do people cheat?
    10.  It’s not always about size, you know
    11.  Why you should suck up!
    12.  Naija women can’t jump!
    13.  What to do when you lose your groove
    14.  How to bend over, correctly!
    15.  Who gave the STD?
    16.  Trusting again after your Bae, cheated on you
    17.  Intimacy Vs Sex
    18.  Get rid of that wrapper!
    19.  Stop buying her knock-offs!
    20.  Getting you to want, giving back!
    21.  Money is a must!
    22.  What’s an App stalker, take a walk!
    23.  When he doesn’t satisfy you
    24.  When she isn’t tight anymore!
    25.  She is different when she is with her friends!
    26. Why her friends should like you
    27.  Sex with a guy who can’t walk-just for trips
    28.  Deaf girls are good in bed
    29.  Love, good looks, money- Choose 1
    30.  Office crushes, how to handle them
    31.  Woman 50, Man 27-is it Love?
    32.  Dating a perfectionist!
    33.  When you’re crushing on your GFs friend
    34.  How to chase a man, without being obvious
    35.  Why you are still single
    36.  You’re not sucking it well enough
    37. When you fall in love with one-night stands
    38.  Love at first sight??
    39.  Being apart will keep you two together
    40.  Women love bad boys
    41.  Where are all the Good Men?
    42.  Women who don’t do laundry?
    43.  What does Love have to do with cooking?
    44.  Love him, but hate his family
    45.  He is always suspicious.
    46. Is she a little too loose down there?
    47. About 5 kids from 4 fathers

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