I didn’t mention it to you
How so nostalgic I am
About the cobblestone streets
The smell of new clothes
And hot crossed buns
The familiar shops, many of which
Have been there since I was a child
The red Buses are still there
The black cabs are still there’
How I feel so much like a child here
There are lots of old and new to see
The town is very much “retail”
In every sense of the word
The culture of the people
Much the same
Not much of the wannabe issues
Rather I see people trying to be a niche
Colored hair, wellingtons on a sunny day
Free love, open affection
Not much makeup, plenty of makeup
Lots of skin to show
And yet not many stares
They must have evolved
From the what will people say
To the ‘who gives a ……’
The push to have a 4-wheel drive
Is not there
Who will pay emission tax?
The push to own 3 or 4 houses is not there
Are you done paying the mortgage of your late parents’ house?
The one you now live with your children?
There is no need to stock up the freezer
because the electricity is steady
There is no need to fly abroad for treatment
Because “you are abroad”
There is also no need to twist
Your tongue
Black is black
You are black here
Not posh, not rich
Just black
Just African
And things will not change much
Do you know why?
Because they treasure
The withered and withering roots of history
They are quick to keep
Quick to restore
Quick to maintain
Quick to seek
Quick to find
Quick to ask
So they can pass on the baton
To the next inline
Don’t ask me why or when
The word called “manage”
Entered into our vocab
“Managing” things
Life, food, space, people, love
Managing is so much
That even when there is wealth
The spirit of managing
Takes over
An antique home is readily, easily pulled down
To make way for a modern house with
Buttons and gadgets
Powered by electricity
That is “managing”
And one is never enough
One more here, there
And anywhere
Why would nostalgia linger here
When there is no space,
No room, even in the minds of people
There is clutter
No room for nostalgia here,
There or anywhere.

Nov 6,201753

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