I can say we are very intimate. We gist like two best friends and are very churchious. My In-laws, are okay. They never hassled me as a new wife and even less as I get older. I never had an episode in my marriage where I had to kneel down in the presence of my in-laws to settle a quarrel. I will say, I am blessed -So in a nutshell I am living ‘da loca vida’!

There’s just one tiny detail -I’m sure as you read you said ……” and then”… Well, there is something-. I guess you can’t have it all! It’s my husband’s “you know what”. It’s not so much about the size but the fact that it is not hard for very long! The entry is always a “wow” but just as I find a rhythm, he hits his plateau and lets it all go. I am not sure if this feeling of dissatisfaction is growing with the years. With this life I have, it would be ungrateful of me to tell him that I wasn’t feeling him! I think he knows, sometimes he would try to leave it in for a while longer, moving his hips and trying to get a response from me. I would tighten my thighs and try to get him to grind against me. After several trial’s I’d give up and start breathing slowly. I’d ‘OOO’ & ‘Aahh’ so he wouldn’t feel bad and let me be. I’d then get up to sit on the WC so that the ooze would trickle down before I took a shower. This unsatisfying sex in my marriage would need to be tackled.

We moved to a new House, from one part of Ikoyi to another. The house warming was great, friends & family came. My husband’s sister, a 50 something- year-old “teenage-like” woman who was divorced with grown-up children. She had grown balls and was behaving like an old man, trying to get his groove on. She usually had a young “hand-bag” of a man tagged her Assistant. She came with one. I could see why. He had on a pair of low-waisted tight jeans – you didn’t have to imagine much. He had his goods on the shelf, for all to see. She introduced the friend/PA, giggled, and winked at me. She drank Champagne, like water to the embarrassment of her Brother. Her P.A.  had to hold on to her bag when she became noticeably drunk. When it was becoming ridiculous I had to go to the PA to ask him to take her home. As there was so much noise from the music that one had to almost shout to be heard. So I bent a little so I speak into the PA’s ear. Just as I did this a waiter bumped into me and made me more or less kiss the PA/friend on the cheek. My body went mental! I became extremely hot inside and my heart kept beating fast. I straightened up and more or less ran upstairs!

My God! I was horny! I can’t say why or how, but my body felt like being banged against the wall, with something “hard” roughly. I ran to the ladies and let the shower head bring down my “hard-on” so to speak. The party ended and my husband and I gossiped about his sisters’ behavior. As he spoke I watched his mouth move up and down and looked at his crotch. I wanted him! He must have been shocked at my energy levels and my strong desire to have an orgasm. It was like madness! Again smoke, but no cigar! The sex in my marriage was becoming a drag. I went to bed again dissatisfied. If I was a man I would’ve had blue balls. The next morning my husband had left for work without saying goodbye, which was unusual. He later sent a text, that he knew I’d be tired and he didn’t want to wake me.

I found myself waiting in the vicar’s ante-room, tapping my foot. I felt shame as I narrated what happened with the PA and my reaction. I was expecting a tongue lashing and absolution! He didn’t seem shocked at all! He spoke in a very subtle manner, asked how old I was, nodded knowingly, and advised that I come to see him again with my Husband. The “come with my husband” part was going to be tough.

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