The next day, the Doctor called to say Mom’s blood pressure had spiked and that it would not be a good idea to hurriedly discharge her. So, I would alternate sleeping at home and the hospital. It was my day to sleep with Mom. I was about to fall asleep when I remembered that I had taken my blanket home to wash and left it on the clothesline. I needed it. I virtually ran home.

As I got to the gate, I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I went in. Both cars were in the garage. The TV was on and there were crumbs on the floor. The crumbs looked like Suya and bread or something. The kitchen was untidy too. I called out to Kayode and started to clean up when he didn’t respond.

I made my way upstairs to say hello and goodbye as I had taken my cover cloth. I turned the handle and what I saw almost gave me a heart attack! There was a man in our bed! He was on all fours and Kayode was standing behind pounding away! I fainted.

“And so what happened after that “said the handsome man young seated in front of me. When I opened my eyes ,they were gone. The rest is history. I got to find out months after our divorce that his parents had known about his appetite for his kind and had  given him a condition that if he were to be ‘normal’ and marry a good girl (that’s me) they would set him up and give him a part of his inheritance upfront but that if he messed it up half of his inheritance would go to her that’s me .Like I said before ,that is my past. I have a wonderful man as a husband and 3 lovely children. Yes, Ma, the handsome young man said scribbling, I’m sure to include this happy ending   in our magazine, to encourage our female readers who lost their marriages that things aren’t all bad. There’s a silver lining in every cloud.

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