I made up my mind, not to let things go on. I didn’t have many friends ,so I ended up calling my Mother. As I had guessed ,she told me I would get to used to him pretty soon.

We got to my new home. He carried the suitcases out of the uber that brought us from the Airport and put them in the foyer. He went straight to his room and called a friend. I could hear his voice on the phone.

I went up to clean what would be our room. He got up and walked out as soon as I walked in. I hurried up with the cleaning and asked whether he was hungry. He put the phone away from his ear and asked “use your church mind ,what do you think? ”and continued his conversation. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked for some money to get to the market and also for the car keys. He stopped ,cut his conversation dropped the phone then looked at me and said “How many hours have we been married and you’re already demanding money from me? I don’t have any .Don’t you have money of your own?” And No, you can’t drive my car! Take a bike or Marwa like a normal woman”.

Quietly, I went to my suitcase and took some notes from the money I had been sprayed at the reception and then headed for the market. I made dinner and we ate in silence.

I tried to get a job, but it wasn’t happening. I had  some inheritance money from my Grandma which I could not access till I turned 40.So money was a big issue for me.

Months after ,the cycle was the same. Our parents would visit and tease us ceaselessly about the grandchildren we were yet to have. He played the perfect host ,while they were there and went back to letting me handle all the chores alone! All of this time ,he had not given me a dime or asked where I got the funds to put food on the table. I was near broke. I had been exhausted the party money and was now drawing on my savings from NYSC. I had stomached his nonchalance and I wanted us to be as we were before marriage.

After a delicious meal one evening, I had poured out my heart and said all I’d bottled up inside and how I wanted us to be happy. He listened ,snorted and said” okay”. Then he looked at me and said ,”I didn’t force you to marry me, you wanted this. Now ,you have it. He got up and went away and as usual picked up his phone to call one of his friends.

I befriended an Ibo lady in the estate who had been married for a while and had children in the University. She was so full of life. She owned a supermarket. Naturally, I began to confide in her. She listened and always told me that she’d been seeing my husband in the estate for a while and that he wasn’t the womanizing type. Aunty Amaka, as everyone called her was always calm and reassuring. She made me want to give Kayode the benefit of doubt. Her husband ran a bakery next door to her shop. He was always popping in to his wife. He would tease her, give her a kiss or two and go back to the bakery. I longed to have their type of marriage. I felt like furniture.

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