Dear Hilda,

I am tired of my life! I got married 5 years ago. After a year I gave birth to a baby boy, who we didn’t know had cerebral palsy until when he was almost 1 year and he couldn’t sit or crawl. My husband lost his job like 2 months after our Son was born and I had to be the breadwinner of the house. Doing odd jobs.

Things became worse because my Husband had to babysit our Son. He became frustrated and one day went out, and never came back. I came home to find my baby on the floor facedown covered in poo cried my eyes out. After some months I was able to get a better paying job, which enabled me to pay for a Nanny to look after my Son.

My Son is 4 years old now and still no sign of his Father, I am missing having a man. I have not had sex since my husband left. I tried a few times to date men but when I bring them home to meet my Son they run away. I don’t feel it right to lie about my Son.
Will ever meet someone at this rate?

Heartbroken, Lisa.

Hello Lisa,
I am feeling your pain! You poor thing! It is sad in this country that when people don’t understand something, they walk away from it. They don’t want much responsibility.

First things first, please get a divorce. 3 years is long enough to file a petition of divorce on the grounds of no consummation for 3 years/desertion. I hate to say this but, accept this – very few single men want a lady that has a special child as a partner. In everything there are exceptions.

2. Having a special child doesn’t mean that you should not have a life yourself. You do not need to be in a hurry to introduce who you are dating to your Son. Give things time to blossom. Let your hair down to de-stress yourself from time to time.

Let nature take its course. Your Son is the priority. He is still quite young. Be patient. Your Knight in shiny armor will come!

All the best,

All’s well that ends well!

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