Wishes & Horses (Part 2)

The Bridal shower was nearing conclusion. One of the girls who seemed to have organized the do, got up, cleared her throat and asked Lola to leave the hall for a few minutes. She wanted to say something of importance, she said. The Lady said she was very grateful for the turnout and show of Love to Lola. She informed the Ladies that she had personally budgeted for a bill of N400k for food and drinks and that she had just been informed that some of the ladies had had second and 3rd helpings and that she was not willing to pay the extra N150k.She asked them to chip- in Dutch style. The booze virtually cleared from Auchi’s eyes… between that day and pay day all she had in her account was N15,000 . All the ladies were to chip in N10,000 each! Beads of sweat began to form themselves on Auchi’s face and she began to do the math. It was not going to happen!

Her “Benin Girl” side kicked in. She got up and told the bearer of bad news in pidgin’ ’See ehn, na invite, dem invite me con here and na only 1 plate of rice I chop and I drink 1 coke and wine” I no go pay for anytin” others joined in. There was lots of shouting and murmuring. Auchi winked at one of the Ladies who sat opposite her and seemed to be even more upset about the whole matter than her. As if on cue they both got up to leave. They were stopped by the bouncer at the door. Long story short, Auchi and her friend coughed out N7,000 each before they were allowed to leave. Auchi’s new friend echoed ‘awoof dey run belle” under her breath as they walked out of the restaurant

Lucky wouldn’t let up with the phone calls. Auchi had just walked the red carpet at Lola Idehen’s wedding. Clicks, here and there, the photographers were so many that it was difficult to know what direction to face to have your photo taken.. She was counting on her pictures coming out in many of the fashion magazines and newspapers. It was awesome! She looked like a Queen and she knew it!

One of the popular comedians was compere, and he gave the guests rib cracking jokes. Auchi laughed heartily at his jokes-.it was easy to forget ones troubles-at least temporarily. Lucky kept calling. There were nice looking “Aje-bo” guys around and she seemed to have caught the attention of one of them .She was keeping his attention by pretending not to notice him .Her phone began to ring again in between the comedians joke and it sounded much louder than it did ordinarily. She quickly put the phone on vibrate. Lucky persevered! She looked around the room and It was a magical minute her eyes and her target’s met. She couldn’t see whether he was wearing a wedding band or not. Just as she was trying to turn her neck to get a better look at him a young woman wearing the same fabric with the handsome Aje-bo man, handed him a baby, whispered something into his ears and then pointed to the direction of the bathroom. Auchi’s dream, just ended! She turned away quickly and X-ed the guy immediately. She was angry. Her phone went into a vibrating frenzy on the table. She gnashed her teeth as she picked it. “Lucky, wetin happen, wey you no wan make I rest?”  Lucky cleared his throat and said in a dry voice “I jus wan tell you say Mama don die. She die yesterday. ba bye. Lucky’s words caused Auchi great distress and severe dizziness. Everything went black.

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