On my Keyboard

Give me a key board and let me type something

Let me decide what I want to type and how I want it to look

When I am done with typing, I can delete all that I have written

I can go back to having a blank page

I can re-write all that I have ever written with my keyboard

The keyboard is man-made

So, if it is destroyed I can always a get a new one to do the same thing that the old one did

As I take my fingers off the keyboard, I realize that

I cannot re-write my past

I cannot go back there and right wrongs, capitalize or minimize my mistakes

It is not possible to delete them from who I was

On my keyboard I can set a date in the future that I want to write with a certainty

But I cannot with certainty be who I want to be or where I want to be with certainty

I cannot determine with certainty what I will have, who I will be with

But I can with my keyboard

I can do many things with my keyboard

If only I could go back to change my past, my worries, my regrets, my mistakes, my life

But yes, I can, with my keyboard

I can do so much with my key board.

I can do all that I wish, only on my keyboard

Amina Garba-Ashiwaju

Jan 27 2021

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