FATE & FAITH(Part 8)

Oyin found a Taxi in the Hospital car park and set out for Ijebu-Igbo. Mama Funke was eager to go with her but she didn’t let her. Someone had to be on the ground for Yemi. Just about the same time, a Man driving along the expressway noticed the damaged school Bus and vehicle on the side of the road. Some of the boys’ belongings lay scattered on the ground near where the collision had occurred, there was some blood on the street too. A gnawing feeling made him stop to find out whether there were any survivors. He stopped his car and spoke to a shop owner nearby who narrated what had happened and directed him to the Hospital that the Children had probably been taken to. He remembered the words of his Pastor told him that he should always look for opportunities to help children if his life was to be chaos-free. He stopped at 2 hospitals before getting the one Yemi and his classmates were in. He walked to the Nurses station and offered to donate blood. The Nurse he spoke to heaved a sigh of relief and said he was Godsend. She took him straight to the laboratory for analysis.

Oyin had just paid for two pints of blood and was being delayed by the Cashier who was having issues printing her receipt and kept reassuring her that the receipt would come out shortly. Oyin ran out of the Lab like a madwoman. She jumped into the waiting Taxi and kept checking her watch. It would take roughly 35 minutes to get back. Her chest as she thought about how the time it would take her to get back to the hospital was roughly how long her Son had to live. She wiped hot tears from her face and beckoned the Taxi driver to drive as fast as he could. She remembered a shortcut and asked the Taxi driver to change the route. This ended up being a bad decision, the road was being repaired. There were diversions and lots of traffic. The traffic got worse and Oyin hurriedly paid her fare and got down. She began to walk briskly along the road hoping to get an Okada (Commercial Motorcycle)

One of the Nurses who had helped carry Yemi into the Emergency room sighted Oyin and went quickly to her, almost blocking Oyin’s way. She held Oyin’s and said ‘Madam, I am so sorry, you got back too late. I’m sorry we did our very best but we couldn’t save him’ Oyin began to cry, got a grip on herself, and insisted on seeing her Son. Thankfully, it wasn’t Yemi. She ran to the Emergency ward and there was no one there, she went to the ward where Yemi had been initially and he wasn’t there too. She spotted one of the Doctors office’s and burst in. The Doctor was with a patient when she got in but She didn’t care.

Oyin: Doctor, where is Yemi, where is my Son?

Doctor: Madam calm down, please sit down.

The patient got up and left to see Oyin’s mood.

Oyin: Is my Son alive? Just tell me the truth, I can handle it, and don’t tell me to calm down!

Doctor: If you sit down, I’ll be able to answer your questions.

She sat down slowly clenching her teeth and adjusting herself in the chair preparing for the bad news.

The Doctor told her that if they had waited for her return, Yemi would surely have died. He said it was nothing short of a miracle how a strange man had walked into the Hospital asking to donate blood and how his blood was a perfect match for Yemi. The surgery was successful and Yemi had been moved to ICU. Yemi would be fine! Indeed, it was a miracle! Oyin shouted, “Praise the Lord!” on and on. She asked to see her Son and asked whether the good Samaritan donor was still in the hospital. The answer was Yes.

The sight of Yemi sleeping peacefully gladdened Oyin’s heart. She kissed his forehead several times and then followed the Doctor to meet the good Samaritan. They stopped in front of a door marked recovery room the Doctor popped his head into the door, said Hello to a man seated inside the room with his back to the door, asked her to go in, and then left. Oyin knocked on the door softly and went in. When she got to Man’s side she was shocked to see that it was Okey! He didn’t look up at her as he had his gaze fixed on the TV in the room. Oyin’s jaw dropped! When Okey looked up and saw her, he was shocked too.

Oyin: I came to thank the Man that donated blood to my Son –to Our Son Okey. You just saved our Son’s life!

Okey’s eyes became full of tears. He put his hands on his head and wept bitterly. Oyin wept too. All Okey could manage to say was ‘Oyin, I am so sorry, so very sorry for – Everything. They hugged and Oyin took Okey by the hand to meet his youngest Son.

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