FATE & FAITH (Part 6)

10 years have passed since Oyin left her matrimonial home with the Children. She now resides in Ijebu Ode, her hometown. She is doing well. She owns a fashion house and supermarket. Not many could understand, why such a young and beautiful Woman like Oyin had left her Husband in the city, to live in Ijebu Ode. Her 2 older children were in Boarding school while the one that was a Baby (Yemi) when they left, was still in Primary School.
Oyin: …. We pray in Jesus’ Name
Yemi: Mummy wait! Mummy wait! We forgot to pray for my Daddy! Lord keep him safe from sickness and accident and provide for him in Jesus’s Name we pray.
They both said Amen, though Oyin’s was a little quieter. Yemi never knew his Father and yet had an unwavering insistence on saying prayers for him every day. It baffled Oyin. She didn’t want to deter him or look like a bitter Wife, and in any case, she thought, Okey needed the prayers. She thought about him every now and then. How was he coping? What was he doing? Had he remarried? He had crossed the line a Husband should not!
Later on, in the morning in Oyin’s office one of her neighbors turned friends Mama Funke came visiting.
Mama Funke: Sisi Oyin, how long will you remain alone without a Husband?
You need a man to take care of you.
Oyin: Do I look like I need looking after? I’m fine and so are the boys.
Mama Funke: 10 years is a long time. Even your ex-Husband would have moved on with someone else. You’re doing well here and living as if you have a pact with him not to be with someone else.
Oyin: Do you mind if we drop this subject? I’m not in the mood for that kind of talk today.
Just then one of Oyin’s staff comes into her office to inform her that 2 Teachers from Yemi’s school were waiting to see her. She got up quickly. She had a painful sensation in her chest and her stomach began to tighten. She had a feeling that they brought bad news -perhaps Yemi broke his arm while playing football she thought.
The bad news was that Yemi and some of his classmates had been on the way to play a friendly soccer game in a neighboring town and a car had collided with the school bus the boys were in. Some of the boys had died on the spot while some were badly injured. They didn’t have details of the names of the boys that died. Oyin became panicky.
Oyin: My Son is not dead! What hospital are they in? The school staff said they were ready to take her there. Oyin and her friend sat quietly on the school bus on their way to the hospital. No one wanted to think the worst. Oyin prayed and cried on the way.

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