FATE & FAITH (Part 5)

Okey listened to his Wife’s narration about her episode with the Landlord and when she was done, he said “Okay”

Oyin: Okey, is “Okay” all you have to say”

Okey: when your Mother insults me and my family, what do you do about it?

Oyin: Really, Okey? What can I possibly do about my Mother?

Okey: Now you see how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot? Hold on, I think there must be what, 6 or 7 wives in this compound why is it you he sent money to?

Oyin is astonished.

Oyin: Okechukwu Nwosu, are you for real? What are you insinuating?

Okey: Nothing! Ask yourself the question, na! I’m usually at work most of the day. Who knows how you carry yourself in my absence? Why must it be you of all the women in this compound that the Landlord fancies!

Oyin: Ehen really?.. And the same Landlord said that you lost your job and that we are owing rent! Is it true?

Okey: Is what true?

Oyin: Did you lose your job? Are we really owing him rent? Because I remember that we were short on the rent by a N100k and then I had just collected Ajo contribution and gave it all to you!

Okey: Ehen?

Oyin: Please talk to me, are we owing him rent or not?

Okey: I’ll go and see him to sort things out. Oyin, do you believe him?

Oyin: Okey, I am asking you!

Okey gets up and says ‘I’m going for a walk, remind me to discuss it with you when I get back

Several months went by and any opportunity the Landlord got to see Oyin, he would break out into a taunting Yoruba song and then hiss as she walked past. Oyin felt that it was time Okey came clean about the rent.

Oyin: Okey, it’s been months since I asked you about the rent. You’ve been carrying on as if all is well, but I have a feeling that we are owing that silly Landlord. Please Okey, tell me!

Okey: I said I’ll sort it out with the man. Stop bothering me!

An argument ensued and then a shouting contest commenced. Okey blurted it out in his rage that they were actually owing rent for a year and a half. Oyin broke down in tears.

Okey please tell me everything (still sobbing) Are you jobless too?

Okey: Yes

Oyin: And you didn’t think you should tell me all this while?

Okey: I’ve told you now, haven’t I?

Oyin: I can’t imagine what I heard you say! What kind of person are you? We are on the verge of being homeless and you sit there fanning the embers of your ego!

Okey: Shut your mouth, before it gets slapped woman! Look Oyin, he continued trying to talk calmly. Let’s stop this! We need to stick together and not fight. I have an idea that will buy us some rent-free time. All you need to do is to go to the Landlord and “be nice” to him without giving in

Oyin: Be nice?

Okey; Yes, just for a little while till something I’m working on falls into place

Oyin: How can I – your wife and Mother of your 3 Children do such a thing? Do you know what you are asking me to do?

Okey: I didn’t say sleep with him. Just be nice and look like you’re playing along -to keep him happy. Just think about it! I’ll be back in a bit. I need a walk to clear my head.

Okey returns home after his walk to find the house empty. Oyin and the children were nowhere to be found. All attempts to locate them proved abortive Oyin’s family, is unyielding with information about her whereabouts.

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