FATE & FAITH (Part 4)

Oyin: Baba Landlord Sir, the money and key-are they for my Husband?

The Landlord laughed heartily and said: So, you are one of those women who are A ba Oko ku? Don’t you need money for yourself?

Oyin: We all need money Sir, but this one is unwarranted

Baba Landlord: Okay, let me break it down for you. Your Husband is owing me one year’s rent. I have been patient enough with you people!

We are not owing you rent Sir, Oyin replied quickly

Baba Landlord: See your mouth! Somebody wants to help you and your mouth is doing sharp like Mola’s knife. If you like, throw the money away or help your Husband. Everything is in your hands. That key I sent to you is the key to one of my properties in Yaba. I need some time with you. Just a little time to make an Old man happy. If you, do it, I will leave your Husband rent-free for another year. I promise! You know I have always had eyes for you…but recently after this Baby, your beauty is just radiating. It makes my body move like a schoolboy whenever I see you.

The Landlord’s smile became wider as if he could picture himself on top of Oyin. Oyin was speechless. She sat bolt up and headed towards the door.

The Landlord called after her. It’s better me than that jobless good-for-nothing husband of yours. You will soon be back begging for me to touch you. I may change my mind then he said, laughing hard.

Oyin didn’t know what to think. What did he mean that her Husband was jobless? She managed to calm herself down by the time she got to their floor. She ran up to her neighbor’s door, knocked, and handed over the Baby to her to babysit for a little while. She had to quickly sort something out. She went into their apartment, took the key and cash and half ran- half flew to the Landlord’s apartment. She knocked loudly and tried the door to see if it was open_ It was! Chances were that he would still be seated where she had left him. He was actually -watching TV and didn’t hear her come in. She walked up to him and then threw the cash and key at him. This shocked him. He stared at her in disbelief and only managed to recite a Yoruba proverb “Oye Omo to’n ke, Oye Iya e to’n be! I will have you last last! Without waiting to hear whatever else the Landlord had to say Oyin stormed out his apartment. She was so fast that by the time she made it to the bottom of the staircase, she was almost choking.


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