FATE & FAITH (Part 3)

As he pounded me hard, I remember the Doctor telling us both to wait for at least a month before having sex and here he was pounding me after 2 weeks! Inside my womb hurt. My vagina was on fire. It felt like raw flesh in there. I was not ready for this. I counted the seconds as he pounded. Thankfully after about 5 minutes he collapsed on top of me. I pushed him off and ran to the toilet to wee and wash up. I knew that more pain would await, me as I did a wee. I was right. I cringed and bit my lower trying to wee slowly. I could hear his snoring from the toilet. I wished I had witchcraft to gum his lips together, for peace and quiet.

I was breastfeeding the Baby, in our bedroom when he woke. He got up in a flash and ran to the bathroom to take a bath. When he was dressing up, he began his wahala {trouble} again.

So, if I had slept till noon, that’s how you would’ve left me to sleep, abi? Wicked Woman, you want me to be sacked abi-like you!

I wasn’t sacked Okey and you know it. There was no one to replace me and they wouldn’t let me go on my maternity leave when I wanted to, that’s why I resigned I spat back.

It was one of those mornings. we didn’t speak till he left.

Later on, one of our neighbors children, Munachi knocked on the door said hello and handed over a small cardboard package and a calendar to me. The child remained at the door, even after I had thanked her, like a waiter waiting for a tip. I went into the room and came out with a N50 note. When I asked her who sent her, she smiled and said that it was Baba. Which Baba? I asked. The girl had turned away and was already headed down the stairs. I suspected that it might be the Landlord. All the tenants in the building called the Landlord “Baba”. He wasn’t really elderly but carried himself like he was.

It couldn’t be the Landlord sending me a gift, I thought and I couldn’t think of any other Baba sending me a gift. I peeled back the cardboard paper and inside it, I found a packet of crisp new N1000 Naira notes (that’s NGN 100,000) and a key. While I was trying to make sense of the gift, there was another knock at the door. This time it was one of the Landlord’s Daughters. She greeted me and said that her Father wanted to see me urgently. She emphasized the word “urgently” like a child who had been told to repeat the message several times before being sent on an errand. I asked her to tell her father that my Husband would see him when he returned from work.

She said “Baba said it is you that should come”

I put on a cartoon for my two boys and then strapped the Baby to my Back. I was eager to hear what the Landlord had to say. I got to his floor and knocked on his door. The little girl who had come to our flat opened the door and led me into a small room like a reception. It was funny, I thought since we moved here, I’d never been to the Landlord’s flat before. The Baby was beginning to cry, probably because of the heat so I had to bring him out of the wrapper and hold him in my arms.

The “Baba” Landlord walked in after a few minutes. He asked the little girl to leave and to shut the door behind her. After we exchanged greetings, he asked that I come behind him. He had something important to discuss with me. He led the way to a big living room. Most of the portraits on the wall were his. He worshipped his looks.

My Daughter, how are the children?

They are fine Sir.

I needed to run something by you…

You know you Women are very powerful… You can do and undo… heee heee heee!

He laughed heartily. I didn’t get the point of his joke and didn’t think I should laugh. What was the point of asking me up to his flat?

“Can I offer you a very chilled soft drink, wine, crackers, cake? What would you like?

Nothing sir, I answered. I may not be able to stay long Sir, my other children are alone in the house.

Okay, Okay…that’s okay … No problem

Did you get my gift?

Gift Sir? ..eh..No…

I sent Munachi to you na!

Oh!! That was from you??

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