FATE & FAITH (Part 2)

Okey got back home very late. I could hear his heavy footsteps on the staircase as he made his way up. There was no electricity and I heard him bump into something on the landing and then I quickly got up and took the rechargeable lamp to the door, so that he could see his way up.

He saw me and hissed. He was unsteady. I stretched out my hand to help him.

He grunted. “stupid woman. Look at her. She is very happy that her husband has no money.

He stank of alcohol. I helped him nonetheless. Just then the baby started to cry. I helped him onto the sofa in the living room and went to attend to the baby.

As I left Okey, I heard him say “She has a knack for leaving her Husband when she is needed the most. Stupid woman”.

He belched and then farted.

After I breastfed the baby, I returned to the living room to find him fast asleep. I took of his slippers and trousers. There was some wee on the front. He was heavy, so I had no choice but to wake him up and dragged him to the bedroom as best as I could. When we got to the bed he collapsed on it and snored.

When I was in deep sleep, I thought I dreamt of a hand on my breast. The hand moved slowly at first and then fast, squeezing the breast hard as if it were an orange. It was painful! Apparently, it was no dream! It was Okey! He tugged at my nightdress and suddenly seemed to have a burst of energy. He took one off my hands and guided it to his manhood. It was hard -very hard! It was usually like this when he drank because of being upset. He slapped the side of my bottom hard and said “woman use your brain. Suck it” He lay down on his back and I had to kneel in between his legs and do his bidding. His groin smelt of sweat and urine. I sucked and cried, carefully using my shoulder to stop the tears from dropping on his skin. He tugged at my nightie and cupped my breasts while I continued sucking and counting the seconds hoping that he would orgasm soon.

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