FATE & FAITH (Part 1)

My Wife is looking like under 16 Said Mama Obiageli, my Husband’s Aunt

My Mother who anyone that knew her or attended my wedding would attest to, was a no-nonsense woman – turned to look at Mama Obiageli grunted and then said:

How does she look like under 16? Is this how she looked when you people came to ask for her hand in Marriage? Her voice seemed to be getting louder with each word she spoke. It was obvious that she was going to lose her temper any minute.

Mama Obiageli was oblivious of my Mother’s rising temper. She had a tray of garden eggs and usorji (local peanut paste delicacy) that had the better part of her concentration. She responded in between her chewing.

“No, my In-Law, who will see her and believe that she had 2 children and dropped number 3 just a few days ago?

I dived in to avoid my Mother’s response.

“Maami, I’ve got some Ikokore I reserved some specially for you. Should I bring some for you now, or you want to take it all back home?

“Oyin mi, this is not the time for food. I need to tell these people how to…”

My Father who had been reading the papers, didn’t put his paper down but cut in:

“Mama Oyin, what’s the raucous about?  Don’t forget that this is not your house!

He went back to reading his paper.

Mother was mad, but she held it in really well. She shifted several times in her chair as if something was biting her on the bum and then made grunting and some hissing sounds. I hid my face a little and smiled. Dad knew how to handle his Wife 9 times out of 10.

Okey had been somewhere near the corridor, leading to the living where the guests sat and had heard the ensuing drama between Maami and Mama Obiageli. He beckoned to me to follow him to the Children’s room.

Okey: I hope that you’re very happy now

Me: How do you mean?

Okey: Oyin this is all your fault. I’m very sure that you told your Mother that we’ve been having money troubles that’s why she is insulting my family!

Me: My Husband, why do you talk as if you don’t know how Maami can be. This was not about me. I guess she had a bone to pick with Mama Obiageli and today was her opportunity to do so.

You know that they can’t stand each other?

Okey: It is your Mother that can’t stand my Aunt! Just tell your Mother to show respect to my family members!

Me: And how do you want me to do that?

Okey: Ask me that foolish question again {as he hissed and walked out of the room}

The naming ceremony was over before I knew it. Most of the guests had left. When Okey walked out of the room, he had also walked out of the house. Before Maami and my Dad had left, she drew close to me and said that it was rude for Okey to have left his guests at home the way he did. I didn’t have the opportunity to defend him because my Father gave her a stern look which made her hurry her steps up and get into the car.

I had a feeling that when Okey returned the house would be hot. He always complained that Maami rubbed it in his face often, that he was not rich and in turn he made me feel like I was the cause of our financial struggles.

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