The electricity was due to run out in a few days. Oche had no money. Brume didn’t come home for two days. The Baby missed her Mom and cried more than usual. In the morning of the 3rd day. Two strange vehicles pulled up on the driveway. Brume came in and walked past Oche in the kitchen. She had a cast on her arm and a bandage on her head. He didn’t hit her on the head or arm, he was worried. She didn’t respond to any of Oche’s questions or pleas. He wanted to know what happened to her. Apparently she didn’t come alone. A man dressed in uniform came in with her and moved towards Oche in a menacing way, when he attempted to touch Brume. Brume went to their bedroom to take some of her clothes. Oche followed her but gave some distance seeing that the man had come to protect her. She went to the Baby’s room and took a lot of the baby’s things. She loaded up suitcases, while the man dressed in uniform took the things to the car. Oche was powerless to stop her. He watched as Brume left with the baby in the strange cars.

Luckily there was still data left on the Wi-Fi. He went on a mad frenzy trying to reach out to anyone he knew in America to help him out. After opening up and telling a lawyer friend what had happened. His Lawyer friend came to explain all the possibilities. He said it was a normal thing for Nigerian women to go crazy in the U.S .He had heard cases of Husbands that had sponsored wives to read nursing or medicine in the states and that after qualifying and getting a good job ,they’d turn on their husbands and scream ‘Abuse’. His lawyer friend was even more worried because Oche had become an illegal immigrant.

Oche’s Lawyer friend helped him out with a little money. Oche’s processes from the court and eventually the Police came to pick him up for questioning. Apparently Brume had filed a complaint against him. Worse still she had also reported to border control.

It was a gruesome experience! Oche was banned from entering the united states for 12 years on account of his alleged brutality and consistent abuse! He was taken to a holding area awaiting deportation. He cried a lot and couldn’t eat for days. Brume had told authorities that he had hit her head often and broke her arm and had been doing so since they were in Nigeria. He cried most of the trip back to Nigeria.

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