My Bf is ashamed of me!

We met at the cinema, last year around Christmas
time .We had argued over a seat . I had gotten there
before him and left my drink in front of the seat but I
had to go to the ladies . Apparently someone had
passed through to go to the seats, to the left of my
seat and knocked over the bottle which must’ve
rolled down to the darkness of the hall. I came back
and met him on my seat. Wahala started. Other guys
came and asked him to change seats . He did
reluctantly and I eyeballed him as he walked away.

After the movie we met each other waiting for
Uber. We looked at each other and giggled. The
ubers came almost at the same time. He asked
where I was going . It happened that he lived pretty
close to my estate.

We shook hands and became friends. After
that we spoke regularly and sent each other chats
. He was really funny. I started visiting him at his flat
which he shared with 3 other guys he said he lived
with. All the times I went to his flat I never met any of
them. It was if he only invited me when they were out.
He came more often to my flat. I lived alone. After a
while he started living with me on and off. It was
official we were going out. He seemed and still seems
like a nice guy.

My only worry Is that I’ve never met any of his friends
or family members and its been over a year since we
started really dating! I’ve spoken to his brother who
lives in America. But he has refused to introduce me
to his friends ,relatives or housemates. When his
office sends him  out of state work  he would

 When his office sends him  out of state work  he would always want me to come along since I own my own business and he would always insist that we go to my place on our return from the trip .I think he is ashamed of me because I am a  full bodied size 20 woman with a birthmark on almost half of my face. He tells me all the time how he loves my body ,but whenever we go out he always asks me to walk ahead, pretending to look for one thing or the other in the car. Another excuse of his ,is that he is a homely person and doesn’t like going out much. I really love him. What can I do Hilda?

Yours Big & Beautiful with a Birth mark

x x x x

Hello Big and Beautiful with a birth mark, I wonder why you define yourself that way as though it were a crime to have a birthmark and be big and beautiful at the same time! 

In a relationship takes two tango. Its really up to you to decide what you want for yourself as a person and what you are willing to stomach in a relationship .It is a usual thing for a man to show off his girl to at least his friends and roommates. Its odd, except if its a NSA relationship (No strings attached) 

 You must also realise that he also has his preferences and how he wants the relationship to be. 

Have a heart to heart talk with him. Please do not ask him ‘where the relationship is going like many women often do “What you should tell him are your observations. 

Give him a reasonable time period and  if he 

still keeps you hidden in the closet girl ,then you know that for him you are just the trophy on the mantelpiece and your are far too wonderful to be kept at home .Please redirect your energies if there is no change. Life is a continuum he either comes into the loop or he stays out of it. If you really mean that much to him he will pursue you and change.



All’s well that ends well!

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