All for a feeling

The food we eat for the taste,
And for a feeling
The adverts on TV with the tall dark handsome man
in the red jacket and the lady with the short
dress , great figure and boobs.
Are all for the feeling
The exotic holiday getaway with the white sands and
tranquil waters.
Are all for the feeling
The suit, the shoes, the car and toys are all for the
The carriage by air, land or sea divided by class- first,
second and last – just give a feeling
The movies and the stage plays, all capture the
feeling, relieve it and spread it.
The boy wants the girl
The girl wants the boy
All for a feeling
The marriage, the Motherhood desired not for
themselves , but for a feeling
The strong draw swords with the weak, just

for a feeling
The giving, the taking- just for a feeling
Acquisition and achievement feed on feelings

Amina Garba – Ashiwaju
June 20,2020

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