The Vagina’s story

As a kind of introduction to the Gynae Talk, I want to speak for many vaginas, who have been
screaming and are not heard. It’s amazing how so intertwined the mind, the emotion and the psyche affect our sexuality as women. A young girl who grew being told that only “loose girls” were friendly with boys, or whose parents decided to be completely silent about “grown up” things, or whose religious convictions are so strong that sex / sexuality was made to look like a vulgar, dirty and sinful thing grow up into women who feel it is wrong to enjoy the sexual act or are unable to express themselves.

Many of these women grow up and have never been curious to see what their vaginas look like. Many are so distant from their vaginas that it is only when they wee, menstruate or give birth that the vagina is paid attention to. Another group have never experienced an orgasm, or don’t even know where their erogenous zones are.

The Cry for help
The vagina twitched and twitched when it saw someone it liked. It remembered Mother’s words about being a loose girl and quickly covered its face for shame sake. No good girl has feelings like that!

So, at bath time it is scrubbed and washed with hot water as if to purge it of that tingling, twitching feeling.
Mother then said the vagina was old enough to wonder a little into the town as a Husband was needed. The vagina was shy. The day before the wedding, Mother said it was okay to be loose for the groom. On the wedding night and several nights after that, the vagina just sat there refusing to feel…. anything…refusing to be loose for the groom! And so, the story went…. The
vagina wouldn’t …just wouldn’t!

Stop the cycle!

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