Can a man divorce his Wife because she refuses to attend church activities with him? I don’t get it at all! We have been married for over ten years and have children. My wife and I have very good paying jobs. The trouble started when she got the job. I grew up going to Church every Sunday and mid-week. I don’t want to be a Pastor, but I feel that God should be strong in my life. My Girlfriend then, who is now my Wife met me as regular church goer and used to accompany me to church. There was no problem at all.
Since she started her job ,I suspect that she is being influenced by bad friends. Many of the women there are unmarried or divorced. She hides her money from me and does not like spending her money on the children or house. No problem with that, but recently she tells me that she can’t continue to attend mid-week and Sunday service every single week. She says that she is tired, and she needs her rest.

The House has been tense and when I couldn’t take it again I threatened to stop her from working. She said I have no right to do so, and that she will move out of the house if I insist. She has really changed. I don’t want this to continue, so that it won’t affect our children. What can I do? Worried,


Dear Tony,
The only thing constant in life is change. Your Wife, I believe wants some space and some change. You may need to engage her and hear her out. It’s possible she prefers another church, or her work load at the office is much or possibly that as you said, she is friends with the wrong crowd. You are the head of your home. Call her and have a heart to heart talk. Find out in detail what her reasons are – whether they are reasonable or not and try to compromise a little. Ask her to go with you sometimes and let her be at other times. If she is still adamant, then you may need to involve a councilor / trusted relative to help you both settle this as per her money, same advice.


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