The club was small and cozy. Everybody seemed to know everybody. Joy felt foolish for
having agreed to come. Kingsley held her hand and led her through the maze of people.
They ended in a small hall at the rear of the building. The music here was different from
the one in the hall in front. It was some kind of Ragga-techno fusion. It was obviously
Kingsley’s thing. He was so much into the music. He danced so hard! Joy found it tough
keeping up with him. She didn’t like Ragga or Techno. She felt it was music you
appreciated only if you were under the influence of booze or drugs. Joy’s dance steps
seemed dull in comparison to Kingsley’s.
Kingsley looked around the room. He caught the eye of a friend of his
and motioned for the guy to come to him and said something to him and then walked
away, leaving his friend with Joy. The guy held Joy by the hand and gently drew her
shoulder to himself. So she could hear him speak. “Hi I’m Tony, he said I should teach you
how to groove the Ragga” Joy was not happy! She didn’t want to look childish. She
smiled and said “Okay”. She looked across the room in the direction that Kingsley went,
and saw him dancing with a girl. The girl was a crazy dancer like Kingsley and they really
looked good dancing together. Meanwhile, Joy was getting a hang of the crazy dance.
Tony was fun to dance with. He was calm and patient. She was having so much fun and
didn’t bother about Kingsley anymore.

Kingsley came from nowhere and thanked Tony. He held on to Joy’s hand and said “Oya,
time to go”. He more or less dragged her along. The music was very loud so he really
couldn’t hear Joy’s protests. Joy decided to hold her peace till she got to the parking lot.
As they got to the car she let it go.
 “What was all that about? Why would you take me dancing and then hand me over to
someone else to dance with, while you danced with that…loose… looking girl then come
when you’re done and spoil my fun?’
Kingsley came up very close to Joy and said “Babes, you were dulling the song and I
needed to kill it with someone that knew how to Ragga”
“So I was dulling you? Joy asked
Babes I didn’t say you were dulling it, just that you didn’t know how to dance Ragga.
Sorry don’t be upset…. And by the way Cinderella, it’s way past your bedtime. He drew
her up close to his chest and kissed her on the forehead.
Kingsley dropped Joy off at her gate ,without even waiting for her to get inside. Joy was

Ekanem had an earful of complaints from Joy the next day. “That guy is rude and has no
respect for women. Can you imagine?’ Ekanem answered: He is usually a great guy o! I
know of a girl he dated long ago. He treated the girl like glass. I don’t know what happened but they broke up. Look, just be calm let me talk to Kingsley, please! It wasn’t
easy for Joy to calm down. Ekanem never got the chance to speak with Kingsley because
the day after his date with Joy, he travelled out of the country.
Weeks later, Kingsley got in touch with Ekanem to give her his verdict of Joy. Ekanem
pressed him for details. He didn’t budge. All he said was that Joy was “Okay”. He cut in
quickly and they moved on to discuss other things.

Joy deleted Kingsley’s number. She made up her mind that blind dates were not for her.
She had almost forgotten about Kingsley. She threw herself into her work.
One Monday , Her Boss asked her to take the place of a presenter in a sister media house, as the
presenter had an emergency. There was no one else, her Boss had said. She read the profile of
the interviewee and found out that a multimillionaire who had made his money from Cocoa, had
recently passed away and left all of his fortunes and shares to his only Son and heir, Adewale
Adekanmi. The interview was to give assurance to the shareholders of the company that he was
capable of running the company as the next MD/CEO.

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