Kingsley walked to the tables where Joy’s bag was. He brought it to her. She had calmed down a little.
“Now” Kingsley said “let’s start over”
“Hi, I’m Kingsley Ekanem’ s friend. Ekanem and I went to the same Uni. I like to think of myself as an
Artist- a Corporate Artist, I love life, women and adventure!
“You mean a corporate artist like, painting for corporates or what? Joy asked.
“Something close” Kingsley answered
“Well, I’m Joy- Ekanem’s friend. We did Masters together. I work in the media. I’m a journalist.
Sometimes I hold fort for the Editor. I love the writing, travelling, music and I hate good for nothing men!
“That figures” Kingsley said. ”Now tell me, why do you have your hair woven this way?”
Joy was not going to explain herself to this guy! Who the hell was he anyway? She was becoming
irritable again. She wondered whether her hair was not nice but tried not to show it.
They ate and talked. The more they talked, the more they both realized how much they had in common.
Both their Grandmas on their maternal side were Efik. Both did not understand the language. Both spoke fluent Yoruba and were born and raised in Lagos.
It was obvious that they both found the other interesting.
Kingsley asked whether Joy was going to work the next day. Joy burst out laughing “of course, are we abroad where you can work from home?” I work 6 days a week and the 7th really just means that I won’t report to the office, but I still work. Don’t you work every day?”
Yes I do, but I’m really my own boss. Would you like to go dancing?
Joy smiled again…”Ahhh on a Sunday night Noooo…I’ll be getting up early tomorrow and I don’t want bags under my eyes. But thanks for the offer. Joy looked at her watch and screamed. My God, time has gone! I didn’t realize it was this late!”
Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Said Kingsley. Joy had to admit it, he was right. Yes it
does, she replied.
Kingsley got down on one knee and said “I’ve not had this much fun since…..
Joy said “since not too long ago!” They both laughed.
No Joy, seriously it’s been a while since I’ve met anyone I connect to this much to. I almost don’t want you out of my sight. Please spend a little time with me. Let’s go dancing!!Please!!
“I really would love to but, I’m tired already”.
“Joy that’s easy, my driver will drive your car and be behind us. Better still, He can take your car to your house and I’ll take you home. Please!!! Kingsley went on.
“Well, I can manage 30 minutes and 30 minutes only”
Kingsley gets up and screams “whooohooo…she said, yes”
It was hard not smile with a crazy guy like Kingsley.

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