When you read about “Oyinbo” people having Bulimia, Anorexia, OCD, etc. We may say that
black people are too “hard” or too country to have any of those types of mental illnesses.

I differ, most of grew up as and are also raising “emotionally hushed up” children in the bid not to expose our short comings to “what will people say”.
Many us have multiple personalities. We are one person at home, another at work and yet
another in Church/Mosque or wherever!
Like someone suffering an eating disorder we gorge on a lifestyle that we cannot afford, stay in
an unhealthy relationship that is doing our heads in, live a life we hate ,then beat ourselves up
emotionally …almost hating & vomiting the person that lives in our skin.
Have you noticed the greatest buzz words on search engines?? No1 ,on the list is sex or porn.
Followed by weight loss, skin lightning, hair, make up, fashion. People virtually want a per
second transformation. They want crash diets that make a size 26 become a size 12 in a couple of weeks, and day dream that meeting that one person will take them from poor ville to Rich town
Many of us think that Instagram life is real life. If we do not learn to work on emotional balance
or seek help we will groom another set of fake and self- hating generation that don’t know the
difference between fiction and real life.
Mental illness is not madness! It is real. Statics say that at least 25% of us have had mental
illness in one form or the other at one point in our lives.
Get a help if you need to! Live real. Live real life!
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