A mutual friend had linked them up. Their mutual friend Ekanem, was good at pairing people up. Kingsley’s expectations were up, as far as blind dates go. He knew what almost all blind daters know- you give yourself a wrong description or a different colour of outfit from what you’ve told your date, so that you are at vantage point to see if the blind date is good enough, before you reveal yourself.
They had agreed to meet at Frank’s Grill in the University of Lagos. It was
not pricey but the location was central enough. There was a sitting area just
by the water and the Bush bar, Asun and Suya barbecue stands, backed the
main building and faced the ocean. It was all Kingsley idea. He had chosen
Frank’s Grill because Joy had said she was not ready to drive all the way to
the Island from the mainland and back again!  If she was a smoker like him
and she passed his humor and common sense test, then they would both be
puffing away together as they watched the waves go up and down. In the
event that she didn’t pass his test, he’d smoke anyway!
Joy knew the blind date secret too and came in really early. She took a seat
inside the building, so she could see him long before he did her. They had
not discussed whether to sit indoors or outdoors. They had spoken on the
phone briefly 2 or 3 times and she had formed a picture of his good looks
based on how warm and sonorous his voice sounded. She expected a dark,
tall but not too tall man.
She had now waited for one hour! No show! She tried his phone line several
times and it wouldn’t go through. She was beginning to get upset! A waiter
coughed to get her attention and told her that the gentleman on the far side of the room had asked that she join him at his table. She was about to say no, but changed her mind. She deliberately left her bag on the table and walked over to the man to give him a piece of her mind. She needed him to know that not every woman in Lagos is looking for a pick-up! As she approached the man, he got up to greet her. The closer she got to the man, the more she suspected that he might be the blind date.
As she got to his table she said “let’s cut to the chase, what’s the password?’
Kingsley smiled a knowing smile and said “London Bridge is falling down.
Sorry I’m late! I actually got here on time, but I went straight to the seating
area by the Ocean. I saw a Lady that matched your description, thinking
that it was you, I sat down with her and we actually had a wonderful conversation. It took me a while, before I realized that she wasn’t you. She didn’t ask me for the password and then her friends came and joined us and called her some Ibo name. That’s when I knew for sure that it wasn’t
you. She really wanted me to stay but I got up and left, and came in here to see if you were here. Anyway, I’m here now and you are too, that’s all that matters! It’s a pleasure to meet you.
He stretches out his hand for a handshake. Joy ignores his hand. She is still angry. He then offers to get her bag for her. She replies “No, don’t get my bag, I’ll do that myself!” Kingsley continues smiling as though he didn’t notice that she left his hand hanging. He then said, “My lady, if we are to be together, it will be good if you can… She didn’t let him finish. “This is just a date, I never told Ekanem that I was desperate for a Man!” (She was almost shouting)

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