Lions & Tigers (Part 1)

Okay, so what makes you think that you are good for me? Laraba asked Chuks. “We have nothing in
common, and I can never like an Ibo Man, not to talk of marrying one. What will I tell my Father?”
Look Chuks, please take your Love somewhere else.
Chuks: What’s the big deal about where I’m from? Are you not a woman? Am I not a man? I’ve seen the
way you look at me. I know you like me! Me, I’m crazy about you! Is it the religion thing that’s worrying
you? Okay, if I become Chukwumusa or Mohammed Chukwu for you nko, will it solve the problem? I
know you wanna be with me deep inside.
Laraba: (Bursts out laughing) you’re really a crazy guy! Look, it can never work! Don’t waste your
breath, and please stop coming to me all the time. Don’t block my chances with my future husband.
Laraba starts to walk away and Chuks runs after her.
Chuks: Since we are talking about your people and my people-have you ever seen an Ibo man give
up? I will remind you of today, when you are my wife”.
Chuks walks away to Laraba’s relief. The guy just didn’t get it!

“Chuks, get it into your skull, I will never be with you!” 
“Laraba, who is talking of being with me? It is marry that I want to marry you. No man but me will
marry you. See, let’s bet!” Chuks said, bringing out his pinkie for the bet. Laraba gets up and walks

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