A Mirage (Part 2)

The seminar was hilarious, I looked at the crowd and many women there
looked like the single and searching types. I listened to speaker after
speaker and felt that the seminar was just a waste of my time. It wa
almost like a ‘war against men’ meeting. One speaker Chante

“No to a demining husband to sexual assault by Husbands!

“No to this and No to that wasn’t listening anymore.
I got up to take a break. My friend asked me where I was headed to with
her face. I mouthed, “Ladies” on my way out of the hall. The grounds of
the venue were lovely. There was so much green and clean air. I leaned
against a concrete bench and brought out a stick of Cigarette. After 90
days of being off it, it was a surprise how it had found its way into my
pocket. I needed a drag badly I could always get back on the horse of
being cigarette free when I got back home couldn’t help it this time. The
first few drags were very calming. I puffed away and asked myself why my
thoughts kept going to my shuwarab toaster

It was a joke because 5 minutes later, it seemed that I heard Hamza’s
voice behind my ear. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. It
wasn’t. Like a Genie, he just seemed to appear right in front of me. I was
speechless, imagine the coincidence!
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
What are you doing here? He replied with a smile.
I am here to attend a seminar, I said.
“Is it that crazy seminar for women who don’t have husbands or
“It is not and by the way it is not your concern”, I retorted.

”No trouble”, he replied. “Well, I manage this place. I knew you were
my missing rib when I saw you. I love a woman that smokes. You
even smoke my brand and I know we have lots of other things in
common. My intuition does not lie to me. I am thinking that you are
here puffing away because you are totally disgusted with your
seminar. I feel you. Can I end this misery for you? Let me take you to
see the sights and then we’ll grab something to eat”.

His half Hausa accent was alluring. I remembered all the promises I had
made to myself after my marriage with Chuks ended –no more men in my
life. It would be me, the kids and my battery operated boyfriend. I looked at
him well and then deep into his eyes to see if I could find deceit or danger
in there. I couldn’t see anything per se.
A completely covered and well wrapped Hausa woman called to Hamza
from the other side of the garden where we were. He excused himself,
went to talk to the woman and returned.
”You are staring at me as if I’m a ghost. I can understand. I’m a total
stranger. I will bare my life to you as we go on. Where are you putting
up by the way?”
Me: I’m at the Red Flower Hotel”.
“Ahhh…” he said,
“But why that cheap place? Let me tell you what is going to happen,
in the next 2 minutes we will be on our way to the Red Flower. We will
pick up your things, check you out and bring you here, we have over
30 rooms here and it will be at no cost to you”
This was becoming Mills and Boon. I am totally lost.
“Let me go get the driver and car. Just stay right here, I’ll be back”.

He turns to leave. I call him back. ”Forgive my manners. Thank you for the
airtime, but it was so unnecessary –N30k for someone you don’t know?”
”You are welcome Angel”, he smiled.
“Please I’d rather not go with you, I’m a married woman” I said.
“No qualms” he said, “I’m just giving you a tour as our newest guest”.
He quickened his pace as walked away.
The car later arrived with him inside. He beckoned to me to sit in the
owner’s corner. As the car moved, alarm bells kept ringing in my head
asking me ‘whether my head was correct’. I heard my mother’s voice in my
head berating me “foolish girl, you will soon be kidnapped”. I looked at the
man beside me and he didn’t look anything like that. I sent a text to my
friend that I would see her at the 3rd session and that I had to dash


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