Lions & Tigers (Part 2)

The next day, she gets to her office, to meet a bouquet of freshly cut flowers and a box of chocolate. It was the kind of chocolate she liked. It was dark chocolate with Brazilian nuts. There was a small note with the chocolate. The sender had signed off as “M”. Could it be Mohammed? She thought. They had been betrothed to each other since their childhood. Mohammed was a very quiet, right from when he was a child. She was surprised that he could be this romantic. She thought about it and made up her mind that her sister must have given Mohammed tips. She smiled, happy that he was wooing her like he really wanted her and not like she was a chore he had to do. “Sannu Hamma, Yayade” She said, as Mohammed picked up his phone. Something held her back from saying Thank you. His voice was flat as usual and he didn’t seem excited to hear her voice. They talked about this and that, but he didn’t ask whether she had received his gift. Since he didn’t ask, she didn’t say anything about it too. It was safe to be quiet and not to give the impression that she was giving room to another man to chat with her or that she was comfortable with accepting gifts from strange men. Or could it be a new admirer? She gave up, cracking her brain about the gift and offered colleagues some of the chocolate. At least if there was love potion inside, it would catch them all, she thought.

The very next day at the canteen, Chuks walked in as she was having her mealHe stood in front of her and attempted to shake Laraba’s hand. She put her hands under the table and said “I don’t shake men”.

“Okay now, no problem. Did you like the gift I sent you, my Queen Laraba? Laraba looked at Chuks long and hard and didn’t reply. She was tired of him.´ ‘I hope I picked the right chocolate for you. I wasn’t sure you’d like it. Say something now, my Queen” Laraba ignored him and walked away, leaving half of her lunch in the plate. He had a knack of creeping up on her every lunch time. It seemed he had someone in the canteen give him information about her whereabouts. She was glad he never came to her office. It would have been embarrassing!

It was evening. She had closed. Mohammed was meant to pick her up. After over an hour of waiting, she gave up and decided to go outside her office to get a taxi. Mohammed wasn’t answering his phone. After about 20minutes of standing by the road waiting for a Taxi, it became windy and large drops of rain began drop slowly. From nowhere, a cherry colored Honda pulled up in front of her and wound down. “Get in, get in!” Said a male voice. It was Chuks again. She got in quickly. There was no point being stubborn and getting wet! All through the drive Laraba said nothing. She adjusted her veil so that it covered more than half of her face. She didn’t want anyone to see her with Chuks.

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