3 Times 3 (Part 2)

3 times 3 (Part 2)

Man 1: John

Man 2: Chidera

Man 3: Lolade

Wait, wait, wait Bellema said” Don’t sit down just yet ladies. Let me introduce you to these Blokes. This hot dish beside me is John Ogieva. Hafsat beside you, is Chidera (I can’t remember his surname) Chidera helps her and says “Anthony”. Hafsat sighed as discreetly as she could and said a quiet hello to him. She didn’t like Ibo guys. Bellema went on “beside you Pepper, is Lolade”. Pepper giggled and said “Hello guys” with a smile.

Bellema went on “Guys, these are the 2 beautiful ladies that will spice up your evening. The first Queen is, Hafsat. Hafsat curtsied before sitting down. The other one is Perpetua but we call her Pepper. Oya ladies mix up! Be social!

They all seemed to be having a nice time. The music was nice. The DJ seemed to be watching from afar and trying to get the 3 men and 3 women to be ‘coupled’ right away. Bellema had had a little too much to drink. She kept getting up almost at the beginning of every song and saying: “Wow, that’s my song!” Pepper and Hafsat, gave each other a knowing look. They had seen her like this many times.

Pepper looked Lolade over. The guy seemed a little uptight. He had slim fingers and his head seemed a little too big for his frame. She scrutinized his wedding finger. She was looking for that mark that a wedding band leaves on a finger. She knew his type. They looked very single and available and then after 3 years of dating, you find out that the Man has 4 children tucked away in a nice part of Lagos whilst he is managing you in your 1 or 2 bed apartment in Yaba or Anthony Village. His nails looked manicured and his shirt was crisp and white as if he didn’t bend his arms on his desk all day. She was trying to profile him. He looked a little too good. Too clean. He seemed to have caught on. “Hello Pepper” he said, “Why do they call you Pepper? Pepper smiled and said “I was just going to ask you why you bear a girl’s name? They both laughed. That seemed to make them both more comfortable. After an hour or so, they were talking like they had known each other for years. The fits of laughter were getting closer and closer.

Hafsat and Chidera had tried to chat. It was hard. Hafsat didn’t know what to say to this “Omo-Ibo”. She didn’t want to try. She had already accepted that Bellema had gotten it wrong again. Her eyes kept darting to Bellema’s John. It seemed John was a gym person. He had on a T-shirt that clung to his body and brought out his V shape and muscled ridges. His arms were so big that the sleeve looked like leggings do. It was hard to stop looking at him. Bellema clung to him as if she could tell that Hafsat had her eyes on him.

“So, what do you do for a living, Hafsat?” Chidera asked

Hafsat: I have my own business. I sell laces, shoes and bags. What about you, Chidera?

Chidera: I work for myself too. In fact, I just became CEO of my own company 2 weeks ago. Before then, I worked for a big construction company in Abuja .I’m an Engineer.

Their conversation was like a car that had battery problem. You’d have to open the hood and hit on the terminals to get the car to start. Hafsat yawned a few times. She didn’t care that Chidera noticed. Chidera was not impressed by Hafsat either. He was having trouble deciding whether he wanted Pepper or Bellema. This Hafsat chick, was definitely not for him. He had promised Bellema to be nice to her. She had in turn promised to introduce him to a Commissioner, if he played ball. He watched Pepper from the corner of his eyes. She and Lolade were laughing yet again. He liked her laugh.

John was a good looking man that wasn’t shy. He wasn’t particular about any of the girls, not even Bellema. He was used to women falling over themselves.  He preferred white girls. They were daring and could express themselves better and didn’t date for money. He only agreed to the triple date because his drink buddies were out of town and it was a personal favor to Bellema for brokering a deal for him. He played along, kissing Bellema all over her face and neck. He was ready to take her home and go all the way as his ‘Thank you’ to her. Many Men liked Bellema because she was a good businesswoman and a power broker. Even if you laid her, you wouldn’t be able to leave her because you’d have much to gain from being her friend.

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